Mater Dei Co-Op

What is the purpose of a Catholic Home School Cooperative?

The Mater Dei Co-Op is a separate group from Totus Tuus Homeschool Group, but we overlap in some areas and want to provide Catholic home-school families in the CSRA community with other Catholic resources.

The co-op will offer support for Catholic homeschooling families in our quest to know the Truth, live the Truth, defend the Truth, and share the Truth with others. We will offer enrichment and academic courses to supplement the Catholic home-school. We will foster a Catholic community for both parents and children in which the Truth of Jesus Christ and His Holy Catholic Church is perpetuated, celebrated, and nourished, through classes, special events, fellowship opportunities, service and communal prayer.

As a group we uphold Pope Saint John Paul II’s assertion that parents are the primary educators of their children. We plan to offer opportunities in which families can join together to share their talents, expertise, and love of the Holy Catholic Faith.

The plan and layout:
We will meet once a week on Mondays at St. Joseph Catholic Church on Lumpkin Road. Our 24 week school year is divided into 6 week quarters, meeting 3 weeks on, one week off with ample time off for Christmas and Easter. We will begin each day together with morning prayers, Pledge of Allegiance, and chorus. After this we will break into classes of 8-12 children based on age and development.

Elementary teachers introduce the children to the weekly topics with a variety of fun activities, songs, writing, drawing, Montessori techniques, stories, and games. During this time the children learn to raise their hands, take turns, and address one another respectfully. The topics introduced provide a framework and great springboards for further study at home as well as hooks on which the students hang future learning.

We are currently utilizing Catholic Schoolhouse curriculum as a group.

What Is Catholic Schoolhouse?

Catholic Schoolhouse is a supplemental program designed to enhance and add accountability to any home-school style or structure. The classes meet once a week during the school year, in addition to providing planned field trips. All children will be guided through sequential topics, rotating over a three-year cycle. This is not a drop-off program. Throughout the school day, parents will visit their children’s classes, observing, assisting, and learning along with them. Our Tour Guide is a week-by-week presentation of all the memory work covered in Catholic Schoolhouse.

Art and science classes give students the chance to be with a specially prepared teacher for 30 minutes for more detailed art instruction and science experiments and activities.

Each year we cover featured works of art to correspond to the historical time period studied. Over the three year cycle the students will be exposed to 24 great artists and become familiar with their style, school, or movement. Students increase proficiency in the seven elements of art through guided projects inspired by these great masters. A variety of media are used to expose students to new experiences. Each year ends with an in-class art gallery which features the art of the artists studied that year, allowing students to use their newly gained art appreciation skills to analyze and identify the works.

Science experiments focus on hands-on and observations of real science. These correspond with the memory work while also working to develop observation and scientific skills. Written for small groups, especially with a multi-age family where all can join in together.

If you are interested in Mater Dei Co-Op please email Emily Gibson.