Field Trip for Apr. 12th!

I know this is way into the future, but per the poll on FB/word-of-mouth, most of you wanted the April date and not the Feb. date. The field trip will be to the Atlanta History Center and possibly also the Cyclorama. The Homeschool Day program for April 12th is Gardening, Harvesting and Sustainability. It will be from 10:30-3:30. We will be able to arrive early and stay late to tour the center for as long as we’d like. The cost is $7.50 pp if we meet the 10 student minimum. If not, it is $8.50 pp. The money (cash) will be due to me by March 29th. You can give it to me at any First Friday or email me to make other arrangements. More info will come as I get it form the director of youth programs there. For now, please reply to this post and let me know the number of school-aged children participating from your family. We have gone to several field trips there, and they are great! Hope you can make it! Blessings, Kathy

Zoo info for tomorrow

Zoo field trip info: We are going at 9 to meet at the entrance, since they want us to go in as a group. If that is not possible for you to get there that early, I am making a list of the families who are paid for, for entrance tickets, the class and tour. Just let them know the booking # for Totus Tuus homeschool Group #1159187, and they’ll let you in. If you have a membership or guest passes, show them at this time. We will meet in front of the Discovery Center at 10:50 and divide into the classroom and tour. They both last 45 min. and we are going to the picnic tables just outside the zoo to eat lunch. So, you can join us there, or you can buy your lunch within the zoo. There are no other scheduled activities after that, so enjoy the zoo!! Looking forward to this trip!

Wear your Totus Tuus shirts!

If your shirts still fit, please wear them for the zoo trip. I have some that Megan Harkins gave me since her kids went to school. So, if you need some, , I’ll bring them with me for your kids to see if one fits them. If you haven’t seen them, they’re the ones the kids in the picture on this site are wearing.

Deadline Extended for sign up for zoo field trip

The woman at the zoo extended the sign up until tomorrow, April 30th since we only have 9 children signed up for the K-5 class, and there is a 10 child minimum. The 6-12 tour has 18 signed up, so that one is fine. So, if you have any friends with kids in K-5 who want to come, please invite them, and have them contact me tomorrow so I can get the amounts everyone owes. So far, if we get at least one more K-5 child, each K-5 child will be $5.50. This will go down as more children sign up. 6-12 will be $3.00 each.

Families cost so far: Remember, it will decrease tomorrow if more sign up
Eichberger $6
Voss $6
Stolpe $25.50
Occhipinti $6
Kohler $3
Rinaldo $11.00
Ruedas $31.50
Williams $6
Lubeck $11.50 (if Claire is coming)
Groves $31

Due Date for payment: May 4th
Sorry for not giving the extension on Friday. We went camping, and I talked to the lady at the zoo on the way there, and when I got there Sprint had No Service.

Last First Friday meeting of the year!

Come join us for the last First Friday meeting of the year! Friday, May 4th, regular schedule. Maggie found a wonderful activity for the young group (making hyacinth cards for Mother’s Day) or for themselves. She is bringing all the supplies. I found an activity I think would be great for the older kids, but if someone has something else in mind, go for it! If you’d like to lead and also do this activity with the older kids, google: “Lesson Title: Walking in the Sandals of Biblical Characters” and it will come up with everything you need. Please email me if you’d like to lead since I don’t always get these messages. Thanks! Hope to see lots of families there to celebrate the end of another school year! Please reply with what you’re bringing for the breakfast. Also, if you’re going to the zoo field trip, please bring the money to this meeting. You’ll know by the 28th how much you owe. I’ll post it here and on FB.

Riverbanks Zoo Field Trip

Riverbanks Zoo Field Trip
What: Classroom experience with live animals for Grades K-5. 11:00 am in the zoo classroom, students in K-5 will participate, moms and younger children will be able to be close by.

Home Sweet Biome (Grades K-5)
Explore the unique ecosystems from the land and water, including aquatic, desert, forest, grasslands and tundra. See what makes each home unique and how plants and animals function within these intriguing homes.

Tour experience for Rising 6th graders-high school. 11:00 am, meeting and then touring the zoo with docents. One chaperone per 10 students is required, so parents who don’t have kids in the classroom can come with this tour so we can meet this ratio.

Animals Around the World (Grades 6–12, including rising 6th graders)
Around the world in 80 days? Explore the world’s biomes with us in just 45 minutes. Your around-the-world adventure will take you to places like the grasslands of Africa, taiga of Russia and rainforests of Southeast Asia, but get you back in time for lunch.

Where: Riverbanks Zoo, Columbia S.C. (
When: May 9th, 11:00am Zoo is open from 9-5, and you are welcome to enjoy the zoo all day.
Cost: With zoo membership, you only have to pay for the class, around $2-$3 per student, depending on how many sign up. If you don’t have a zoo membership, admission is $13.00 for adults, $11.00 for children, and under age 2 are free.
Lunch options: 1. Pack a cooler and meet at the picnic tables directly following the class. 2. Jungle Lunch provided by the zoo: PB&J or Hotdog meal, $6 or Turkey meal, $8. (prepaid) 3. Eat at whichever zoo restaurant you want, whenever you want
Deadlines: RSVP by April 27th with this info: How many adults zoo tickets needed (ages 13+), how many child tickets needed (ages 2-12), how many adults coming with zoo passes (ages 13+), how many children coming with zoo passes (ages 2-12), how many students K-5 attending classroom experience, how many rising 6-12 attending Tour Class, which option for lunch you are going to take (if taking option #2, how many of each jungle lunch you will be reserving) I need to know all this by April 27th, so I can give everyone the correct price for their family.
All MONEY DUE BY APRIL 2ND. YOU CAN BRING IT TO ME ON FIRST FRIDAY. CASH ONLY. NO CHECKS! My phone # is 412-292-8597 for questions, or