February meeting

For February’s meeting our group will be celebrating Saint Valentines ( did you know there are 3 Saint Valentines 💖💖💖?!). The Children will be exchanging valentines. Please have them decorate a box ( shoe or cereal boxes work) for their valentines.
If you haven’t been able to volunteer a table or job, here’s your chance. We need a k-4th, toddler and middle school help and a few parents to help clean up after. Crafts are pre-planned and virtue work. We are looking for new games for the middle schoolers/high schoolers to play. If anyone has any apologetics or board games can you please bring them?
Please post a dish you are sharing below as well as the names of your children participating in the exchange. I’m gathering the names from our FB page and this page and will post it Tuesday so families know how many to make.