November First Friday (all souls day) 11/2/18

Hello Families,
This Friday we will be attending Mass at 8:30am in the main sanctuary followed by procession and rosary with the parish to the Columbarium where our group will then place a bouquet of flowers there for those who have passed. After, we will meet for breakfast, prayer, and remembrance, and activities set up by Monica in celebration of the Mexican holiday Dia de Muertos. We ask that you discuss the holiday with your Children beforehand and invite them to bring a picture of a loved one who has passed that they can share a little about with their friends. We will place all photos on our Ofrenda (prayer alter) to pray for them and then do a few traditional Mexican activities such as face painting. Please bring your own eye liner if you have any, other face paint will be provided. Please post under here a dish you would like to share. If you look up the holiday you will find many of the holiday traditional foods you can bring if you wish.
God bless,