Hello Everyone!

We have some exciting new changes for Totus Tuus and how the First Friday layout is planned, and they will provide more flexibility for everyone who participates. Some wonderful moms have taken some leadership roles to execute this!

The vision is to have a Feast Day theme (or liturgical theme) on each First Friday, with the various ages at different activity tables in the PLC. We are asking that the parents volunteer to lead a ‘table’ on various months (or if you prefer to take all the spots for one age that is great!). For example, March may be St Patrick related, and each respective group will have a planned activity (Toddler, K-4, 5-8, High school) so we need 4 different volunteers to lead a group in March.

There will also be a mom who leads a “mom” area during the First Friday activities, a field trip coordinator, the park day coordinator, service project coordinator, etc. If there is an area you would like to see added please let us know!

Please send me an email or reply if you plan on rejoining this coming year. And payments can be mailed to Shauna Occhipinti or done through PayPal from our site. If you go to the Register page and choose the correct Buy Now button, you can pay without having to re-register.

After you “re-join” please go to the Volunteer Sign-Up page and volunteer for an area. In the volunteer area I have broken down the First Friday age groups into 9 opportunities each, this is the break down of the 9 months of Totus Tuus meetings. For example if you pick #1 in the Toddler group you are agreeing to lead an activity for the toddlers on the Sept First Friday.  That way you can volunteer for a single day instead of the entire year (and mix it up a bit).

This is going to be a great year and we are excited for the changes coming! We are currently in need of a Treasurer if anyone would like to volunteer for that position. Thank you all and God bless you this summer!