Zoo info for tomorrow

Zoo field trip info: We are going at 9 to meet at the entrance, since they want us to go in as a group. If that is not possible for you to get there that early, I am making a list of the families who are paid for, for entrance tickets, the class and tour. Just let them know the booking # for Totus Tuus homeschool Group #1159187, and they’ll let you in. If you have a membership or guest passes, show them at this time. We will meet in front of the Discovery Center at 10:50 and divide into the classroom and tour. They both last 45 min. and we are going to the picnic tables just outside the zoo to eat lunch. So, you can join us there, or you can buy your lunch within the zoo. There are no other scheduled activities after that, so enjoy the zoo!! Looking forward to this trip!