Deadline Extended for sign up for zoo field trip

The woman at the zoo extended the sign up until tomorrow, April 30th since we only have 9 children signed up for the K-5 class, and there is a 10 child minimum. The 6-12 tour has 18 signed up, so that one is fine. So, if you have any friends with kids in K-5 who want to come, please invite them, and have them contact me tomorrow so I can get the amounts everyone owes. So far, if we get at least one more K-5 child, each K-5 child will be $5.50. This will go down as more children sign up. 6-12 will be $3.00 each.

Families cost so far: Remember, it will decrease tomorrow if more sign up
Eichberger $6
Voss $6
Stolpe $25.50
Occhipinti $6
Kohler $3
Rinaldo $11.00
Ruedas $31.50
Williams $6
Lubeck $11.50 (if Claire is coming)
Groves $31

Due Date for payment: May 4th
Sorry for not giving the extension on Friday. We went camping, and I talked to the lady at the zoo on the way there, and when I got there Sprint had No Service.