Annual All Saints Day Celebration First Friday

This is the info for the First Friday in November. We will meet for Mass and Benediction, as usual. After that, we will meet in the PLC for breakfast. Please have your children dress up as Saints of their choice. Also, have them wear an index card around their neck on string so everyone can read who they are. We will have a parade of the Saints, and then they will come in the room, one-at-a-time and present (in a few sentences) what their Saint is known for or why they are a Saint. Then, they will sit and listen to the rest of the kids say theirs. Then, the group leaders will do the activities/games they have planned with the children. I have Rena Rawlins as the leader of the little kids, up to grade 5, I believe. I have Dianne Kohler doing the middle school, and I have Beckie and Damon Williams with the high schoolers. If you want easy costume ideas, look on Looking forward to seeing everyone again! If you would like to, please have your food be Saint themed, and if you can make a little table tent saying which Saint, that would be great. If you don’t have time for this, that’s fine too! Just come and have fun! Sorry, I don’t know how to set up the food sign-ups, so please bring whatever you like and we’ll make it work! Blessings, Kathy