Tomorrow’s Field Trip Reminder

Hello to all the families attending the field trip tomorrow at the Atlanta History Center. I will be picking up a couple kids at the Aldi’s on Bobby Jones at 7:30 am, so if you want to caravan, you can meet us there. A couple families had expressed interest in doing so. The field trip will start at 10:30, so we will meet in the lobby at 10:15. Please text me if you run into traffic or for some other reason are going to be late, so I can give them your name and you can still get the group rate when you get there. 412-292-8597 Please text me DIRECTLY with any questions. I haven’t figured out how to get the messages from here to come to my phone, so I may not get a question if you reply to this. Please also text me if your plans have changed and you are no longer coming, so I’m not looking for you there. We are looking forward to the trip! See you in the AM! Blessings, Kathy